The Apple of my Eye and a FREEBIE!!

Hello everyone!
You guys should be used to me apologizing at the beginning of every post. For real. Ha!
But honestly, I have finally found the time to apply for American citizenship.

Let me tell ya’: It. Is. A. Bear. Of. A. Task!

So I had to drive to Raleigh this past week for pictures and biometrics. Then, as part of being Elementary Teacher of the Year for my district,  I had to present at the beginning teacher orientation on Tuesday. Great experience!  Add to that, the fact that my biggest priority are my two little boys… who also need to be fed and taken care of.

I am so thankful to have a life full of blessings. Truly.

Are you all in school yet? I have been at it  since July 21st and once again I have been blessed with the happiest bunch of first graders. We have learned about rules, Daily 5 routines, and comparing numbers. We have been getting to know each other and forging connections that will last forever.  With all these necessary routines, August is coming to and end and September is just around the corner. And you know very well what September means… APPLES!

I absolutely love this time of year!

These are some fun, great, intentional activities that we all can do while using our instructional time wisely!


These are some pictures of this station in action!

How about this  “apple scramble activity?” It  was inspired by the research  of Pat Cunningham in her book “Phonics They Use.”


In this activity, the kiddos look at the picture, cut the letter tiles on the side of the page, and write a sentence with it! This activity gives my students the perfect opportunity to practice vocabulary, phonics, and writing. That's a triple whammy if you ask me!

If you have bought any of my other thematic units, you probably know by now that I am a big fan of acrostic poem craftivities.


Acrostic Poems are so much fun! They are the perfect activity to play with words, foster creativity, and integrate knowledge.


This science activity is great for explorations, observations, and fun! So engaging and hands on! I took this picture at home and conducted the experiment with my little G while N was at a sleepover. Let me tell you, my little G had so much fun. He loves  it every time! I have no doubt that your students will enjoy this activity as much as mine do.

This activity comes with a booklet perfect for beginning readers and primary students. In this booklet, your students will have the opportunity, to read, write, and interact with each other while following the scientific method.


Another great addition to this unit is this apple stamping activity. With your help, or the help of another adult, your students will  be able to experience the concept of fractions by cutting an apple in fourths, thirds, and halves.  


Get the paint out and have your students paint the apple fraction and stamp it.


Then have your students complete the sheet. One more thing... nothing goes to waste! make sure to recycle the used apples for this activity. Use them for a compost pile! 



Vocabulary you guys! Especially for those ELLs in your classroom. This little book of apple words and vocabulary puzzles will give your students the opportunity to contextualize the vocabulary the have been learning about apples.


Last but not least I wanted to share this "yum and write" activity with everyone! This activity  is  perfect to  have your students experience the concept of a process -first, next, last-
You will need:

  • Nutella
  • Apples
  • Mini-marshmallows


First, slice the apples. The spread Nutella on each slice.


Last, top the slices with marshmallows. Yum!


  And now the FREEBIE!!
To download the how-to writing piece that goes with this "yum and write" activity, please click on the picture! Enjoy!!!

P.S > Before you do this activity with your students, make sure you contact all families and make adjustments if any of your students has dietary restrictions.


This  same unit with the same great activities is also available in Spanish!

Phew, that was a long post with tons of pictures!!! I hope you like them!
Until next time!!