Where the Magic Happens: Written Comprehension for Standard RL.1.2 (and a FREEBIE)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Written Comprehension for Standard RL.1.2 (and a FREEBIE)

Hello again guys!
Look at me blogging again this week. I am glad to say that things in my life are back to a little normal after the crazy move of 2016.

Thanks for asking.
Anyways, it has been a while since I have watched a whole season of The Bachelor. So this morning, I am blogging about the complexity of standard RL.1.2 while enjoying "the women tell all" episode on DVR.
Hey don't judge me here! At some point time in my week I need some pointless, mindless T.V.

Last weekend I finally finished my second pack of written comprehension for 1st grade.  While building this product, I really reflected about what it takes to truly understand the complexity of this standard... or any standard for that matter.
Do any of you have a standard in your teacher evaluation that goes like this?
"Teachers know the content they teach."
If you do, then you might want to know and understand the complexity of any standard.

Every time I am tackling a new standard with my students, I keep these things in mind:

  • Understand the wording of the standard
  • Consider the depth of knowledge (DOK) behind
  • What type of products do I need my students to produce in order to show understanding and proficiency
  • The reading strategies that build up the standard
  • The steps that I need to take to approach the standard within the gradual release of responsibility model
  • The set of reading and writing behaviors that I need to observe and support during individual and guided reading conferences
  • Ways to scaffold, differentiate, and learning styles
  •  Formal and informal - Formative assessment
Among other things.

Let'me show you about understanding the wording of standard RL.1.2. Analyzing the wording allows me to see  the DOK and  corresponding activities.

Now look at the reading and writing behaviors that I need to observe and support when teaching standard RL.1.2.

You can get a free copy of the reading and writing behavior for this standard by clicking HERE!

If you want to learn more about comprehension through writing  for this standard, you may be interested in my newest pack. These are some images of this product in action!

Essential Questions and Learning Targets.

Short passages and graphic organizers that support the development and mastery of standard RL.1.2.

These passages can be used in so many ways.  Formative assessment, if you have a projector you can use them as anchors to do a whole group lesson, the graphic organizers and writing sticks can be used with other texts too!

Writing sticks with questions for any resource, book, or passage! Inferring the central message or lesson of a story is commonly, in my experience, a challenging a skill and our students need a ton of scaffold and practice to be successful.

Let me finish this post by sharing this great website from Read Tennessee. Best, most useful, and one point site about the what, how, and why of each standard. Enjoy!