FREE Math Apps that Build Number Sense

Hi everyone!
Long time no see... I wonder why.
The last month of school is absolutely brutal, trying to keep up with the gazillion things at school while trying to still be a good parent at home.
It is like Honey Graham and I say:
"We don't need the DSS showing up at our doorstep on the last week of school!"
Anyways, I am glad to be at home enjoying my cup of coffee while watching the Today show.
During the first days of summer break, my boys really hope for  a lot of screen time. We always let them be for about 3 days or so, but after that there are some rules about this screen time situation.
While I was on the lookout for some great apps for my rising middle schooler, I stumbled upon some great math apps for my rising first grader.
 I figured that I would share them with you today... maybe you can use them in your classroom. Or maybe you are like me, trying to be more intentional and conservative with your own kids' screen time.

I don't think  that I have mentioned before how much math anxiety I had during my school years. My sixth grade math teacher completely sabotaged my math perceptions for many years to come. 
Oh well. 
Nothing that a growth mindset can't overcome!
Luckily, my sister (the smartest math person I know), and other great math professionals have helped me change my feelings. Not to mention that helping my oldest son with 5th grade math concepts, has been one of the BEST experiences. It really forced me to relearn and push my self in order to help him.  Because of this math anxiety, I really work hard at learning ways of doing a better job than some of my teachers did.
But let's get down to business!

KHAN Academy

Let me start with my most favorite. The app that every single parent in the era of the Common Core needs to have. The app that helped me help my sweet boy with his 5th grade math. 

10 Frame Fill

This one  is one of my absolutely most favorite ones for first grade. I usually project directly from my iPhone or iPad by using this super versatile projector for my iPad. I also use it at home to project on the wall and watch movies directly from my Netflix account. This is a great complement to the "missing parts of a ten" anchor chart that I blogged about HERE.

Thinking Blocks {Addition and Subtraction}

This app was introduced to me by the math lead teacher in my district. SHE is awesome, a complete math guru.  This app I use during small group time with those students who need just a bit more when it comes  to word problems.  This book by Marilyn Burns is my go to resource for word problems.
About Teaching Mathematics: A K-8 Resource (4th Edition)   You may also want to check my word problem by grade level products. I developed them based on the research of Children's Mathematics, Second Edition: Cognitively Guided Instruction

Quick Math Jr.

When my little Gabriel was in preschool he spent a lot of time playing and learning from this app. This app is mostly free!

Native Numbers

Super easy, adaptive, perfect for English Language Learners. This app is full of visuals and concepts build up on each other.

Number Math

This app is perfect for rising Kindergartners and first graders.  One of my absolute favorites to use with students who struggle with numeracy and greater than - less than.

That's a wrap folks! These are pretty much my go to apps for my boys and my classroom. I truly do my homework before I give my boys or my students screen time. What are your go-to apps?
Until next time,