Apple BUILD stations in 2nd Grade

Hey everyone!
I am SO loving 2nd grade. I must confess that I was a bit hesitant about this change just simply because I thought that I had to learn to orchestrate a new "happy balance" for me and my family.

Among other things, I am finding the math curriculum so very interesting and fun to teach. With the month of September quickly approaching, I decided to create my very first set of BUILDstations for 2nd grade.

I have been doing BUILD stations during my guided math block for a number of years and I have learned that it allows me and my students, the opportunity to practice and extend our math skills in different areas.
On a daily basis I have about 60 minutes of math in my schedule. This is how my guided block is divided:

There is a math mini-lesson that lasts about 15 minutes, and then the students have 45 minutes to work on their BUILDstations. During those 45 minutes I pull three small groups that I see for 15 minutes each.
The students work on ONE station a day. If they finish their station for the day, they can make a choice. The choices include but are not limited to:
Computer/iPad games
Work on another station
Finish work from another station
Work on a previously made math packet
You can always assign your own choices!

I do a round of BUILD stations per five days… sometimes they last a bit longer.  If I see that my students are far behind in completing their assignments for a particular round, I extend the round to 6 or 7 days to give them the extra time they need!  I hope that this BUILD structure, and the activities in this product,  will help you save time while tackling important math concepts.
So what are the BUILD stations and  what goes in each basket?

What goes in there?
Buddy Games
Scoot games, task cards, board games, QR codes. In this basket I target Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Using Manipulatives
Activities using coins, connective cubes, base ten blocks, counters, shapes, clocks, etc. In this basket I target geometry and measurement.
Independent Work
Printables that seek to target, assess, reinforce, or extend many grade level concepts.
Learning about Numbers
Scoot games, cut and paste, task cards, work baggies, etc. In this basket I target number sense.
Doing Math
Word problem interactive notebook pages with  grade level activities.
Math Seeds, Brain Pop Jr., ABC ya, Illuminations, KHAN Academy.

Teaching Tip!
 For any skills/concept: Before you put out stations for students to do independently, make sure that you have taken the time to do whole group and small group; lessons with them!

 BUILD contract tickets are provided for each round of stations. This way, my students can keep track of their own progress!

Now  take a look at the activities inside this great pack! This set of stations has 15 hands-on and engaging stations that should last you the whole month! You can take a peek at the hole pack by just looking at the following chart:

Place value partner games...

Geometry riddles:

Odd and even apple sort mathtivity:

Coin recognition and values, and graphing:

More place value:

Expanded form:

Adding tens, which should be review from first grade:

Scarecrow geometry mathtivity:

There are also tons of printables and many more activities! You may click HERE to get from my TPT store.
I hope you enjoyed this post and give the BUILD structure a try.
Until next time!