15 Great Spring Math Centers for 2nd Grade

Heeeey my teacher friends!
Long time no see. I know it. I have missed writing on my little blog SO much. But life has a funny way to show you what is really important. I truly have stuck with what I love most: My family.
We are all moved in into our new home and could not be happier and grateful. The boys are settled in as well, and we will be moving my sweet N. to the local middle school in the fall.

Have I told you how much I am loving 2nd grade? I love it for many reasons:

  • The new grade level colleagues are very nice. What you see is what you get and I value that in people. 
  • My students (many from last year) are my family away from my family. I love them so much.
  • My students' families are out of this world kind and generous. They are SO involved and always so willing to lend a hand when I need one.
  • The content. Oh boy the content! So much fun to teach.
  • Moving a to a new grade level has given me the opportunity to be better, to learn more, to dig deeper in areas that I never thought of. Specially math. More specifically word problems.

Speaking of math... I am almost done completing the whole BUILD math centers for 2nd grade bundle. As a matter of fact let me show you what's inside the April BUILD math centers for 2nd grade pack:

I have told you how BUILD is a great rotation system that targets different mathematical dimensions and provides a perfect structure for guided math. Haven't I? If not, let me just show you:

B: Buddy Games
U: Using manipulatives
I: Independent work
L: Learning about numbers
D: Doing math

This April BUILD math centers for 2nd grade contains 15 different math activities, they are divided into 3 rounds which will allow you to mix and match during the WHOLE month to target some important concepts. That's what I call responsive teaching: moving our students forward with intention and precision. 


1. Odd and Even eggs in a basket (three digit addition and subtraction) --> CCS 2.NBT.B.7, 2.OA.C.3

2.Easter eggs coin combinations --> CCS. 2.MD.C.8 (Contains answer sheet)

3. 4 printables --> CCS 2.NBT.5, 2.MD.C.7, 2.MD.C.8, 2.NBT.8

4. Comparing Number sentences using >, <, = --> CCS 2.OA.B.2, 2.NBT.A.3 2.NBT.A.4, 2.NBT.B.5 (contains answer sheet)

5. 4 CGI type word problems Interactive notebook pages --> 2.OA.A.1, 2.NBT.7, 2.MD.C.6, 2.NBT.B.6


6. Caterpillar Addition --> CCS 2.NBT.B.6 (Contains answer sheet)

7. Easter money riddles CCS--> 2.MD.C.8 (contains answer sheet)

8. Independent work printables. CCS --> 2.NBT.A.2, 2.NBT.B.8, 2.MD.C.8

9. Easter arrangements --> CCS 2.MD.C.4

10. 4 CGI type word problems Interactive notebook pages. CCS--> 2.OA.A.1, 2.NBT.7, 2.MD.C.6, 2.NBT.B.6


11. Part - Part - Whole task cards. CCS--> 2.NBT.B.7

12. caterpillar Inches ad Centimeteres. CCS--> 2.MD.2, 2.MD.9

13. Independent work printables. CCS--> 2.GA.1, 2.G.2, 2.G.3, 2.NBT.B.6

14. 2nd grade skills task cards CCS--> 2.NBT.A.1, 2.NBT.A.3, 2.NBT.A.5

15. 4 CGI type word problems Interactive notebook pages --> CCS 2.OA.A.1
2.NBT.B.7, 2.NBT.B.6


16. 5 choice boards for fast finishers/high achievers with challenge and extension activities.

I organize them like this:

My students always get too excited when there is a new round coming up. Sweeties!

And now are you ready for the FREEBIE?

You can snatch this cute BUT intentional math center from my TPT store. This caterpillar addition center will help your students adding up to 4 2-digit numbers, creating benchmark numbers, and practicing the associative property of addition.  You can grab it by clicking ---> HERE!

Oh and just to help you a bit with a super engaging and fun learning activity that we did in our little classroom a few weeks ago when I introduced adding up to 4 2-digit numbers. We used dry erase markers, sticky notes, and Popsicle sticks to make the <, >, = signs. The best part? That my kiddos got to write on their tables. Boy! They LOVE that!

OK teacher friends I have to get going... I need to paint a piece of furniture. I will be back to blogging later in the week with a "somewhat" political post. I'm scared!
And don't forget: We are SO blessed to work in education!!

Until next time,