October Math Stations, a freebie, and TONS of deals!

Please don’t hate me…but I am loving my three week fall break. I love to have all this energy and time to spend with my handsome boys.

I crave time with these two!

We are taking the boys to a surprise trip to Myrtle Beach in a couple of days and I am beyond excited about seeing their reaction. We are blessed beyond words. Our Lord is so good to us.


I have also been busy working on my October Math Stations, come and see what's inside!

Pumpkin Popsicle Teens

Every year, I find some firsties who have a really difficult time understanding the concept of "teens",  fifteen, for example, is confused with fifty and they have a really hard time understanding that each "teen" is made of a ten and some ones.



Missing Parts of a Ten

As we dive into fact families, the relationship between addition and subtraction, and missing addend, this is a great activity to touch on all those topics and to introduce number bonds.



The Greatest Candy Corn

At this point time in the year, I am pretty confident that my firsties know how to use the symbols: <, >, and =. But do they really have the sense to identify numbers in between? 


True and False Addition and Subtraction

Bonus: Let's bring some rigor by adding >, <, and = signs.


Pumpkin Ordering Numbers QR codes

My kiddos love these, and they need to practice, practice, practice this concept!!



Shape Witch Mathtivity

Even though, I am not supposed to introduce geometric shapes for a while, I thought that this was a perfect activity to activate my kiddos schema. 


Spooky Word Problems

Always! Word problems are so important. 



I have also taken a  free sample from this pack! You can get it by clicking HERE!!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures and have a general idea of what this packet looks like.
Until next time!