Math Sorts for 2nd Grade

Hello everyone!

As I get more acquainted with the 2nd grade standards, I am more certain that I made the right choice by moving from 1st to 2nd grade. I love how mature my students are, and how much they still love the little things.
One of my absolute favorite things to teach has definitely been math. As the year goes on, I am always looking to create activities and resources that can help me move my students forward with intention  and precision. I want to support and challenge them all  without ignoring those high order thinking skills!

Sorting  increases the thinking process because it grows in complexity and it requires my students to engage beyond simple recalling or naked operations. Also, there is a lot of construction of meaning that goes  beyond instructional communication.
I know I sound like a textbook.
Ha! I love to go beyond a worksheet.
There is no other time in which my students are more engaged than when I create an activity that involves high order thinking skills. One of my 2nd grade teammates told me that some of her students have a hard time cutting and pasting. So instead, she has them highlighting according to the categories in the sort. How clever!

These are some of the sections in this fun and engaging resource:

This geometry section has the students classifying between quadrilaterals and not quadrilaterals, shapes with parallel lines, 3D and 2D shapes and so much more. Tons of academic vocabulary and concept development here, if you ask me!

Telling time to the hour, half hour, 5 minutes. Coins and values, sums with coins and coin names. Measurement tools, the Metric and Customary systems and so much more.

Number Sense and Place Value:

This is my absolute favorite!  Students need to have the ability to understand different concepts to be able to sort and classify these activities. They need to understand their tens and ones, greater than-less than, and the equal sign. With these sorts, students will also start digging into the world of estimation! Such an important skill for third grade!!

Operations Math Sorts:
With these sorts students will have to solve in order to classify!  They will sort between even and odd sums and differences. They also add and subtract with and without regrouping.

These sorts can be used for many things:

  • Math centers
  • Exit tickets
  • Morning work
  • Small group lessons
  • Assessment
  • Enrichment for high performing first graders
  • Intervention for third graders
How to purchase these math sorts:
If you wish to purchase these math sorts, you can buy them from my TPT store. Make sure to download the preview to get a set of free sorts so that you can judge and decide!
You may also be interested in my grammar sorts too!

Until next time teacher friends!